A focus on teaching and learning

Academic learning at Denstone incorporates traditional GCSE and IGCSE, A Levels and Oxbridge programmes. A Denstone education is all-round, with teaching and learning at its heart. We aim to prepare our students for university and beyond by helping them achieve high standards—for the past five years Denstone has been placed within the top 5% of participating centres nationally for its value added performance at GCSE.

    Living and learning through groups – the three school system

At Denstone we utilise a three school system whereby our pupils live, work and socialize according to their age groups and in their own unique areas. We find this is the best way to address the needs of students of different ages and it also gives them better pastoral care. The academic success of our students is aided by the small set sizes and regular formal assessments we give them. All subjects are taught within specialist departmental areas with highly qualified staff committed to helping our pupils achieve high grades and encouraging them to think for themselves.

    Learning and pastoral support

Effective pastoral care is a particular strength of Denstone. Our staff are focused on, and more able to, address the needs of each age group thanks to the three school system. We also provide support, such as English language assistance, for pupils with specific needs. More able pupils are stretched in a variety of ways under the guidance of the College’s Director of Academic Excellence.