College Life

    Diverse community

Denstone currently has a small number of international students but remains a diverse community with only a few students from each country. Thanks to this students find they are able to make diverse friendships and can be part of British friendship groups.

    The boarding experience

Boarding at Denstone is split by age into the following groups: 11-13, 14-16, 16-18. In the junior school we provide support, understanding and the freedom to have fun, while middle school is more mature with an increasing focus on academics and GCSE preparation. Senior school starts to bridge the gap between independent living and pre university life. Specific staff are also provided to address the needs of each age group but the hallmark of all our boarding is to provide a home away from home and a safe, caring and friendly environment so that our boarders thrive, form enduring friendships and learn to be independent.

    Extra-curricular activities

At Denstone we believe in a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities so that students can take leaps and bounds in improving their personal development. Our students have access to over 40 activities each week including everything from music, sport, drama, art, climbing, film making, or developing culinary skills. This busy schedule of events is offered on two afternoons per week. We also have a dedicated Outdoor Pursuits Instructor who runs a range of expeditions from canoeing to mountain biking, climbing and camping. We also offer the two year True Adventure programme which culminates in an international expedition and encourage our students to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.